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B Fit 


2408 Arapahoe Ave.

Boulder, CO 80302

+1 (303) 449-5855

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We are Now Offering Cryotherapy and More Recuperative and Wellness Treatments:

After some confusion and chaos, B-Fit is beyond excited to announce that we are now offering a wide range of treatments designed to help you recover more quickly, burn fat and be even more of your best self!

A Few Notes on Our Ongoing Covid Protocols:

As Many of you know, our owner and fearless leader Brenda, is a Virgo. 

  • By definition, Virgos are CLEAN FREAKS, hard working, take responsibility seriously, obsessive compulsive, faithful, loyal, critical thinkers, sweet, and they remember everything!




It is virtually impossible for the larger box gyms to keep clean. B-Fit was and will be one of the only safe places that can remain open during this continuously difficult and scary time. We can assure you, you will be safe here and we will get through this together.


Commit to trying B-Fit during this time and see what kind of incredible shape you can get in before you know it! If you have not been in a gym lately, or have  been afraid to try, now is the time. It is super fun and different, truly a workout class like no other! All fitness levels and ages are welcome, because these workouts will help anyone make the absolute most out of their time here.


So far we have had as old as 7 years and young as 86 years walk through the doors for a comprehensive, high energy and kick butt workout! With everything from personal training to group classes of all varieties, we have something for everyone and we want to show you what sets us apart. 

The CDC has encouraged to not be in groups larger than ten people, so because of that, B-Fit continues to keep classes capped at 10. When you arrive, you will be assigned your bike and your particular wall, and thats where you should plan to stay. There will not be a circuit style type of training available at this current time. However, expect something different every time because we promise to give you the most amazing workout every time you come in, including Fitwall, Matrix Cycle, Outdoor drills, Balance Agility and HIIT training and so much more!!!!!! 


COVID-19: BFIT Update

The health and wellness of our community is B-Fit's number 1 priority, always, but especially now. With a heightened awareness about different ways that we can help flatten the curve of new cases of coronavirus, we wanted to keep you informed of the specific tactics

that we are taking to keep the studio clean and limit the opportunities that it may spread among our community:


  • We are always committed to keeping the studio clean and sanitized, regardless of the threat of illness. However, we are taking these efforts to new--and more rigorous--levels. We will be cleaning down every single surface of the studio between classes. We also encourage Hivers to do an extra pass over on the bikes and walls before and after class. We are in this together!

  • We wash our towels with industrial grade detergents and will continue to do so. 

  • We request that every Hive Member washes their hands before class, using warm soap and water. There are sinks available in the studio.

  • We are asking Hivers who have recently traveled out of state to stay home for a period of time to ensure that they are not latent carriers of the virus. 

  • We ask all students to stay home if they are feeling even slightly sick. We will be expanding our cancelation policy for the time being. Please simply email us at and we will credit your account. 


Like all others, we encourage our community to take care of themselves by committing to the following:

- Avoid touching your nose, face, and eyes.

- Cough into your arm, as opposed to on your hands. 

- Find new and creative ways to greet each other and celebrate each other’s accomplishments!


With thoughtfulness and care, we will get through this difficult time. We believe--now more than ever--that movement is essential to keep us happy and healthy, and will be keeping the studio open with these mild modifications. As guidance from the CDC evolves, we will let you know of any updates as they pertain to B-Fit!

We appreciate you all for being part of our hive, and, as always, are committed to keep you safe and healthy.

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