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B-Fit is excited to announce that we now have even more tools to help you be the best you that you can be!

Check Out Our New Cryotherapy Hours at the Bottom of this Page!


Cryotherapy? What's that?

Cryotherapy is an emerging recovery treatment from Europe, that is revolutionizing the exercise game. When you do a whole body cryotherapy session, what you are experiencing is essentially an expedited ice bath. This gives you all of the anti inflammatory and healing properties, without the total submersion.  You step into the chamber, and we drop you down to below negative 100 Fahrenheit for just 3 minutes. If you are a long term freezer, or if its just your first time, with nitrogen cryotherapy you can start to see benefits from your very first session!


Sounds Intense! Why Bother? 

That sounds cold and unpleasant, why would I do that? Well the list of benefits goes on and on:

  • Cold works as an anti-inflammatory for joints and muscles, allowing for pain relief and much quicker recovery!

  • The high intensity nature of the cold exposure can cause you to burn up to 500 calories!

  • The Process of freezing causes a total body enzymatic reset and has immune system boosting properties as well!

  • And much more!


Infrared Sauna + Compression

B-Fit is happy to introduce both infrared sauna and NormaTec compression treatments. The Infrared sauna is new twist on an old classic. Our top of the line sauna is heated with multiple internal IR panels and spending at least 30 minutes in there can help provide relief from sore muscles and joint pain. It can have detoxification benefits, improve blood flow, reduce blood pressure, help balance your hormones and help you sleep! The NormaTek Compression therapy will have you recovering from your workouts in record time. The targeted zone compression helps stimulate muscular growth and reduce lactic acid buildup. With these treatments available and more classes then ever, B-Fit is here to help you achieve your goals.

Cryotherapy Treatment Hours 

Monday-Friday: 11am-4pm
Saturday: 11am-4pm

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