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Brenda Maller: 

Brenda has been a Personal Trainer for the past 30 years, and there are few as skilled in the game as she. She is unique in both her education and focus. Possessing a dual Bachelors of Science in Sports Medicine and Occupational Safety from Keene State College, as well as her Masters of Science in Kinesiology at University of Colorado in 1995. This degree, and her focus on active lifestyle are what originally brought her to CO, where she has been ever since. After racking up a number of bodybuilding titles, as well as a big screen debut, she was able to turn her attention outwards. Brenda has had a deep love of helping people reach their fullest potential. From Olympic hopefuls, all the way through her oldest clients who are well into their 80s, Brenda has the knowledge and attitude to get people where they are going, no matter where they came from. Long subject to the trials and tribulations of conventional gym, Brenda is bound by them no more! In her own hive at last, she is known for her fun, energetic, challenging classes and her belief in everyone, no matter what. 



Deirdre Mangine:

One of our awesome spin instructors, Deirdre is one of the most bad-ass people we have on staff. She grew up with a longtime focus on athletics and sports of all varieties, so it should be no surprise she through her lot in with BFit. She started taking aerobics classes with her mom at 14, neon wool leg warmers and all, and it’s only been uphill from there. That in mind, it is no surprise she got hooked on group fitness as a teenager. That love, combined with a passion for any sort of outdoor athletics, has helped D foster a lifelong and meaningful relationship with exercise. She took her first spin class in LA with Johnny G, and it was meant to be, because she has never looked back. She loves the intense cardio that spinning brings, and cycling has become her go to exercise, both indoors and out. When not at the gym, D works running multiple retail stores, and plots her path to world domination! She started teaching Spin specifically in LA in 2000, and hasn’t stopped yet. Her style has evolved, but she has always believed that the music is as important as the routine. So come check out what makes D so dope today!



Bridget DiMartini

Our weekend warrior Bridget DiMartini, is another one of our personal trainers, and amazing wall instructors. After being born in and raised in Nigeria, she attended the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2016, and has also received certifications in personal training and specialization in Corrective Exercise. When not training or teaching, you can find her being a mom to her son Silas, gardening or spending time outdoors. She would say her mission is to inspire people into having lifelong and meaningful relationships with Fitness, and to do that, one must first inspire people into turning fitness into a habit as part of a healthy lifestyle. There is a quote by Aristotle that reads, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then is not an act, it is a habit.” With her understanding of the science of the human movement system, Bridget is an expert in creating easy-to-follow programs that can be customized to the individual with realistic, attainable fitness metrics. She also specializes in HIIT, Strength/Weight/Core Training, Corrective Exercise Techniques and Injury Prevention and Recovery (SMR). So come in to the gym and see all that makes Bridget the incredible trainer she is today!



Jessica Reiss

Jessica Reiss, another incredible spin instructor we have on staff, also a 4 time ironwoman and a coach of over 25 years in a wide variety of team and individual sports including volleyball, racquetball, biking, swimming and more. She was born an artist, and despite feeling deeply at home with her pencils and paints, she is also a rebel. At a young age she stretched well outside of her comfort zone to become a competitive volleyball player who cross trains with Ironman’s, beach style ping pong, racquetball, and pretty much everything with movement but wrestling, despite her youngest sons insistence that it’s worth it. A mother of 2 sons and three cats, Jessica may be a Boulder Native, but her soul is at the sea. She has been stung by a stingray, and her superpowers are going to kick in any day now, she can feel it. Perhaps once describes as slightly shy, Jessica has made serious efforts to instead be defined by her immense creativity and non-stop effort towards the things she is passionate about. She would say the music she listens to, and brings to her classes, is incredibly important to her. You can catch her listening to everything from: Goth, EBM, Synth Pop, Brazilian, Blues and Afro-Punk Beats. She loves chips and guac. She loves wearing dresses with her Doc Martins. Most importantly however, she loves she loves kicking ass in high heels and cycling shoes alike. Come take one of Jessica’s high intensity and incredible classes today!


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